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Yo-yo Manufacturing

Together with a dedicated team, we designed and realized a comprehensive manufacturing journey for our  yo-yos.

Screenshot 2023-08-03 142015.png

Drawing from the beauty of "Starry Night", our YoYo encapsulates the magic of a night sky in its design.

Untitled drawing.png

The yoyo consisted of 5 parts:

  • Base, Ring, and Clicker: Injection molded for precision and structure.

  • Luminance: An embedded light to capture the essence of a starry night.

  • The Dome: The crowning touch, encapsulating the light and design.

For the three molded parts we designed the molds and used the CNC to cut them. We then used the injection molding machine to create 100 of each piece for each side of the yoyos

Untitled drawing (1).png
Untitled drawing (2).png

The dome was thermo formed using a 3D printed mold and then punched out with a die cutter.

One of the main goals was. to create a press fit that would hold the yoyo together. The pink line on this graph displays our originally calculated press fit interference goal. Due to differences in cooling times the interference was slightly lower than desired. However after doing a drop test on the yo-yo's this was deemed acceptable.

Screenshot 2023-09-03 at 9.20.03 AM.png
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